Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear

Receiver in the ear hearing aid diagram
  • Enjoy an active lifestyle in adverse conditions like crowded restaurants and windy situations without wind noise.

  • Automatically focus on dynamic conversations for communication in busy places.

  • Get convenient rechargeability and connectivity with other devices.

  • Devices automatically adjust to your listening patterns, so you don't have to change settings.

About this Type:

Easily locate sounds with these M&RIE devices. They use a microphone in your ear together with a smartphone app to provide unprecedented direction & depth, social engagement, and active listening.

With this advanced technology, you'll be enabled to achieve better speech understanding even in windy environments.

You can also use the smartphone app to do fine-tuning of your technology without an in-person appointment, as well as gain full control of your hearing aids.

This type is available for almost all types of hearing loss.

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